Toasted Pecans




The toasted pecans were his idea. She conceded, as she always did. But, not before wondering why she stayed married to a man who behaved more like one of their children than an equal partner in this fleeting, matchstick-constructed game of Life. Why wasn’t she in Greece fighting the migrants for beach towel space on a sun-drenched shore? Isn’t that where all the housewives of Lifetime melodramas turned up? Tumbling into the beds of drop-dead gorgeous locals who really, really love them?


She popped a pecan in her mouth. All right! They did add a certain joie-de-vivre to a salad.


For Tara’s 100 word challenge… the word is “idea.”

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2015-10-10 18.28.50-2



he gets his ire all up
in her face
yowls at the voices
but she plays it cool
allows him to unwind
she takes his hand
zeroes in on his green eyes
tells him she loves him
crystal clear, and calm ascends
quatrains of reassurance
does he believe her
when she tells him he is her
xi her lucky star that
everything will be all right
nervy that’s what he is
jumps out of his skin
like wild prey on the run
kindness, it’s the only way he’ll
follow her lead
prayer, such as it is to her
goes some distance to
mend just a little of this
vexation at his malady
of his demons it’s her only
recourse or she’ll come


OctPoWriMo – Day 12. Prompt was to write 26 lines using each letter of the alphabet. I didn’t put them in order, but they’re all there. I missed a few days, but I hope to get back in the groove!

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Blackberry Thorns




a spider’s single white filament
outside the bedroom window
dangles in the breeze
her wedding dress
on that solitary night
slashed by blackberry thorns
the berries liquid
splashed the dress with love
as she fled her loss of self
into the welcoming arms of the moon


OctPoWriMo – Day 8 – Prompt was color… say what you will about it. I’m late to the page today. It was a busy day, but I can’t stop now. It’s like physical exercise (well, it is an exercise) when you find one you like it pulls you in, and soon you reap the benefits.

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Purple Canvas High Tops



His purple canvas high tops enticed me
a striking accent to his black tie tuxedo

I thought: I’d like to get to know someone
who wears purple canvas high tops
with a tuxedo

when a tuxedo wasn’t even called for
it wasn’t a black tie event or
a purple high top event
it was an ordinary dance

and he asked me to dance
and there was that flutter
like the softest of snowflakes
that fall on your shoulders
and make you think of twirling into their midst

It’s so cliché to say we danced all night
it wouldn’t be true anyway
but it feels true, and that is what counts
there were years when the snowflakes ceased
and we tripped as if we had two left feet
but we always righted ourselves

the purple high tops are gone
recycled into a flower pot
or sent to a homeless shelter for that guy
who lost his marbles in the great recession
but our dance continues as it always will
amid the snowflakes and without them
in this world and the next


OctPoWriMo – Day 5. The prompt is relationships or the feeling one elicits. I’ve brightened up from my previous few days… at last!

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