The Power of Habit


Emma wonders if any of the others are thinking of Macbeth and his witches. The kindling takes hold with a loud crack. Sparks flash, and rise into the night. Someone has thought to bring food this time: a pot of chili in a small cast-iron cauldron. Emma cannot imagine anyone will taste it. Their hunger is not for food. The pipe sizzles at the touch of the lighter. The itch of anticipation glides along her forearms. They all say they want to kick the habit. But, they’ve all been through rehab, at least once. It’s where some of them met.



For Tara’s 100Word Challenge… the prompt this week is Habit. So many interpretations… what’s yours?




8 thoughts on “The Power of Habit

  1. Macbeth and his witches most definitely did not have a lovely pot of chilli to enjoy! I could see the scene in my mind – the crackle, the smoke, the delicious savoury dish cooking in the pot… I will admit, I’m rather peckish now!

  2. Great interpretation of the challenge! I loved this piece and how it was written through Emma’s interpretation of the situation.

  3. I loved every word. Those things that bring us to the brink of happiness never do quite quit do they?
    Here’s to fourth chances? ?

  4. So many different ways for this to go. I picture…because I lean toward the paranormal, a gathering of witches, each had sworn off from practicing for fear of being caught, but they just can’t stay away from it. It’s like a secret society of witches. But, that’s just me. 🙂

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