Old Soul




She steps outside looking as if she has just risen from a tangle of warm sheets, her eyes half-closed, black hair an unbrushed jumble of coarse curls, an old-fashioned broom in her hand that looks as if it, too, has just awakened from a dream, spikes of dirty blonde hair at odd angles. She sets to work sweeping a day’s accumulated dust from her tiny porch onto the unwatered patch of lawn. How peculiar that one so young, she can’t be but twenty, performs a daily ablution like a spinster in a historical novel who lives utterly alone.


I got wind from my writing friends that the 100 Word Challenge – the prompt is “peculiar” –  has been resurrected by Tara. Seeing so many familiar names of much-admired friends I felt I had to join in. Please click the icon and read some fine short stories, both fiction and non-fiction.

Thanks for reading… !


27 thoughts on “Old Soul

  1. As a reader of Mark Leyner, I LOVE me a good run-on sentence! These hundred words intrigue me – and since that’s kind of the whole point… well-done!

      1. Smartphones are to some extent… not so smart! Same goes for the smart TV’s. But, I would find you anyway, barbara… I have missed your purple moose!

    1. I know, it seems funny, doesn’t it, the term old-fashioned broom. I have a broom, but it shares no resemblance with the spiky haired model in this scene! Thanks for the comment, Marian.

  2. You painted a gorgeous picture, Stephanie, that we could have been rocking on the porch watching her sweep. I like this character a lot. Maybe we will get to know her better in the future? Wasn’t it fun to see so many familiar names again all in one place?

    1. Hi Gina.. It is a lot of fun to see so many familiar names again… I love it. Sparks my interest in reinvigorating the old blog.

  3. Thanks for joining in Steph, and I hope you keep coming back. I’ve known some women very much like this from when I lived in Tennessee. A powerful portrait.

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