A Yellow Cab at the Curb


I turned right instead of left
I never could read a map accurately
and this was before the GPS lady
began to startle me out of reverie
with her 400 yard warnings, then 200 before
her final shout to turn left now.

So I turned right and became hopelessly lost
in a town with so few streetlights
I didn’t know whether to be frightened or not
I could see only what my headlights illuminated.

A yellow cab parked at the curb.
I got out and tapped on the glass.
The automatic window purred
Pot smoke curled out in a pleasant paisley pattern.
I handed him an address and said I’d follow.

I followed him through the night
and into the next morning
I followed him for days he in his cab
and me in my rental car
He showed me places I’d never have found
until finally I gave up my car
jumped into his cab and we drove into the night
until I could see where I was going.


OctPoWriMo – Day 7. Prompt: The road less travelled or something you did right or wrong that you would not change. They fit together nicely, I think.

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