Etymology of Paranoia



Hatred and fear blind us. We no longer see each other. We only see the faces of monsters, and that gives us the courage to destroy each other.  – Thich Nhat Hanh


Illogic drains me. Delusion, the madness in it. Without reason or cause a conviction that horror lurks behind every door. Fear in the perception of color. Raised voices. Rational discourse? As ancient a term as the Socratic method. It has ceased to exist. Poisoned by hemlock. A riot of aggressive, regressive states. A desire to return to the relative ease of a decade long gone. Instead of a chicken in every pot, guns in every cupboard. Blinded by the mania. Control your constituents through fear.

is the folly of men
in his ignorance
he shot himself
in the foot

OctPoWriMo Day 3. The prompt was “drain.” What drains you? I’m on the same topic as yesterday. Working it out through a tanka prose piece. I’ll try to be a bit more uplifting as the days proceed.

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2 thoughts on “Etymology of Paranoia

  1. This is certainly a piece that rings with truth and sobriety … the madness of fear and illusions and hyper-propaganda – instead of fact telling – and follow-ups – and allowing voices to be heard – voices that have been allowed to choose and think on evidence unbiased and not manipulated.

    We are a self-destructive species. And yes, it can be so difficult to find a reasonable voice, let alone hope, in all this misery – still, we have to keep trying — perhaps harder … or by different means and channels.

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