Guns in the Classroom



Standing tall in front of them in his combat boots
and camo pants

His clothes stiff, unwashed, stained with the sweat
of anxious days

A golden beam of sunlight glinted off gray metal
blinding them

Stand up he commanded, if you’re a Christian,
and they did

Believing they might be safe from harm, from death
from bullets

They fell, nine of them, not from strict adherence
to their faith

But from the cold hard steel of a mental illness,
endemic in the USA

An evil malady of easily, legally obtained vehicles of slaughter,
of guns

We content ourselves, this time, that no one said:
he seemed like such a nice guy.

OctoPoMo – Day 2. We were prompted to write a cinematic poem. You be the judge. How many times have we witnessed this scene on the screen? A reality horror show.


Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “Guns in the Classroom

  1. Wow. A hard thing to read but then scenes like this should be heard to hear about. Unfortunately, they happen so often that I think we’re becoming numb to them. A very thought-provoking view of the prompt. Well done!
    Jesi recently posted..Writing CinematicallyMy Profile

    1. Jesi, thanks for the comment. I so wish we weren’t becoming numb, but I think we are as we feel more and more hopeless that anything will be done to counteract the madness.

  2. Powerful. This is not going to end. In Vegas today I man knocked on a door woman answered he shot her, took her son. Found the boy and gunman dead hours later. Very scary world we are living in. Good to know though, that ‘guns don’t kill people’

    1. Hi Pin… that’s right… all the nincompoops who claim guns don’t kill people. That’s the illogic I refer to. And the story you tell doesn’t even make it to national news. What the hell?

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